As a leading manufacturer of digital force gauges and dial force gauges, SHIMPO INSTRUMENTS, has combined years of experience with the latest technology and materials to release one of the most reliable force gage from the market, ideal for strict tolerances with an impressive +/-0.2% F.S. accuracy.

With the new SHIMPO FGV-HXY Digital Gauge comes a whole new way to experience a force measurement in both push or pull testing applications. Including a set of handle attachments and an onboard statistics display for in-field analysis of testing data, the new Shimpo FGV-HXY (series) will fulfill your expectations to make accurate, fast and precise force measurements.

Shimpo FGV-HXY Digital Gauge: mobility and precision at the highest level.

The new Shimpo FGV-HXY with its exceptional precision 1000 Hz update rate, is able to capture the highest force peaks. During the measurements, the user can collect data in the simplest way, for rapid analysis in the field. The 180° reversible display with various indicators including adjustable force direction, tension and low battery indication (reversible), minus sign for tension allows the measurements, to be visible even in the brightest conditions. The dual labeled keypad was specially designed for force applications in multiple directions. For a complete mobility, Shimpo FGV-HXY comes with rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries and a full set of accessories including carrying case, 2 handles, metric thread to inch adapter and attachments (flat head, hook, chisel, notched head, cone head, extension rod) and USB cable.

Choose your desired capacity

Shimpo FGV-HXY series is used in high capacity tension and compression applications. The series comes with two models available in two different weight capacities: Shimpo FGV-500HXY supports up to 500 lbs (250 kg, 2500 N) tests and Shimpo FGV-1000HXY can be used in force applications up to 1000 lb (500 kg, 4500N).

Did you know?

Shimpo FGV models possess onboard statistical calculations and provide fast access to maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation data.

Buy it calibrated

In Canada Shimpo Force gauges are sold by Digital Measurement Metrology located in Brampton (Great Toronto Area - Ontario, Canada), canadian distributor for Shimpo Instruments. As one of the first ISO 17025 certified canadian calibration laboratory, DMM inc offers accredited calibration services for all Shimpo Force Gauges

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