A large variety of materials need to be able to withstand a specific threshold of puncture force in order to pass certain quality standards. Specifically Gypsum board, or drywall, must be tested in order to determine the ASTM Standard classification level of the product. ASTM C1629 provides details for classifying Abuse Resistance Non-decorated Interior Gypsum Panel Products and Fiber-Reinforced Cement Panels. The Nidec-SHIMPO FG-M6PUNCTURE-ST adapter can be attached to one of Shimpo's digital or mechanical force gauges to create an ideal testing kit for determining the indentation resistance.


Puncture Adapter Operation

The outer shell of the FG-M6PUNCTURE-ST retracts as a load is applied to the test material. As the retraction of the outer shell occurs, the pin becomes exposed. The puncture test continues until the outer shell comes to a stop from contact with the base of the force gauge. The maximum force reading displayed on the gauge is the resultant puncture resistance of the test material.


The FG-M6PUNCTURE-ST combined with the Shimpo force gauge can be used to test puncture resistance on a multitude of materials such as: foam, cardboard, cork, tubing, membranes, baked goods, and even the ripeness of fruits or vegetables.

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