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Miniature Force Sensors

Extremely compact force measurement sensor for tensile and compressive loads in applications with limited space. The Series R04 is available in capacities from 0.25 to 100 lbF (1 to 500 N).
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Accredited ISO 17025 calibration certificate for these Series R04 Miniature Force Sensors force tools is be available on request (for an extra charge). Why Calibrate?


Mark-10 Series R04 smart sensors are designed for tension and compression measurement applications with tight space constraints. These extremely compact force sensors feature threaded holes on two sides, which can accept a variety of hooks and implements. Capacities available from 0.25 to 100 lbF [1 to 500 N]. Compatible with Mark-10 indicators (sold separately) through unique Plug & Test TM technology. Every capacity has the same miniature dimensions. The sensors feature outstanding mechanical overload protection and threaded holes on two sides for the mounting of attachments or implements.

Features and specs

  • Ultra-compact size, miniature design
  • Threaded holes for attachments
  • Capacities from 0.25 to 100 lbF
    (1 to 500 N)
  • Accuracy: ±0.2% of full scale + indicator
  • Safe overload: 200% of full scale
  • Weight: 0.015 lb [0.007 kg]
  • Member of the Plug & Test™ family of interchangeable sensors and indicators
  • Measures tensile and compressive forces
  • Warranty: 3 years
Unique Plug & Test TM technology allows for interchangeable sensors to be used with a Mark-10 indicator. All calibration and configuration data is saved in the smart connector. The Plug & Test TM connector locks into the receptacle in the indicator when fully inserted. Dual buttons on the indicator housing release the con- nector for easy removal. Gold plated spring contacts ensure long lasting and reliable connection Force is applied to these surfaces. Threaded holes are supplied on both sides to accommodate various mount- ing configurations and attachments.


in [mm]

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Series R04 Models lbF ozF gF kgF N mN
MR04-025 0.25 4 100 - 1 1000
MR04-05 0.5 8 250 - 2.5 2500
MR04-2 2 32 1000 1 10 -
MR04-5 5 80 2500 2.5 25 -
MR04-10 10 160 5000 5 50 -
MR04-20 20 320 10000 10 100 -
MR04-50 50 800 25000 25 250 -
MR04-100 100 1600 50000 50 500 -

Mark-10 Force indicators

Mark-10 indicators feature graphic displays, blazing fast sampling rates, and a host of other features (sold separately).

  Mark-10 Force Indicators Features Available capacities Accuracy Resolution
3i Basic Force/
Torque Indicator

- 2,000 Hz sampling rate
- Ultra-compact form factor
- USB output
- Reversible housing and display
- Data memory: no

From 0.12 lbf
to 500 lbf
±0.3% 1/1,000
5i Advanced Force/
Torque Indicator
- 7,000 Hz sampling rate
- USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog outputs
- 1,000 point data memory and statistics
±0.1% 1/2,000 / 1/1,000,
(depending on sensor)
7i Professional Force/
Torque Indicator
- 14,000 Hz sampling rate
- Continuous data capture with 5,000-data point buffer and bulk output
- USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog outputs
- Break detection
- Programmable footswitch sequencing
±0.1% up to 1/2,000
(depending on sensor)

For full specifications please see Mark-10 Force/Torque Indicator Comparison Chart is your fast, easy-to-use website for quality force instruments available for almost any industries to measure the force during a push or pull test. We offer over 500 force gages and force sensors from most valuable brands, ready to be shipped from our Brampton (Toronto area) warehouse.

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