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MESUR™gauge is a measuring and analysis program designed to expand the functionality of force measuring instruments, typically comprising a test stand, force gauge, grips, and accessories.

MESUR™gauge captures readings from any force or torque gauge with RS-232 output and displays data in tabular and graphical formats. Load data can be graphed versus time or distance, particularly useful for such applications as spring testing and tensile testing. The program includes a set of tools to analyze test results, including statistical calculations, quick data export to Microsoft Excel, customizable reports, pass/fail indicators, and many others.

Test setups and sequences are customizable and can be saved and recalled. The user can program test start and stop conditions, including load, time, distance, and sample break.

Additional features in MESUR™gauge include a large display screen for real time load and travel data and a utility to configure Mark-10 gauges from a PC. Built-in simulated data generation allows MESUR™gauge to be evaluated without a gauge.


Collect data from digital force gauges, torque gauges, test stands, travel displays, and other devices.

View a real time graph of load vs. time or travel.

View an analysis graph, calculate statistics, and zoom to selected locations on the graph.

Save results to a file, or export directly to Microsoft® ExcelTM. Save and recall previously saved test data, test setups and gauge configurations.


  • One-click download of saved data from compatible Mark-10 gauges
  • Real time tabular and graphical data displaying load vs. time or load vs. distance
  • Configurable start and stop test triggers (time, load, number of samples, or distance)
  • Statistical calculations (minimum, maximum, average, area under curve) for a user-selectable data range
  • Graph manipulation tools, including zooming, scaling, panning, titles, and more
  • One-click export to Excel
  • Create customizable reports and report templates
  • Compatible with all Mark-10 and other force and torque measuring instruments
  • Save and recall test setups and test data
  • Configure Mark-10 instruments easily through a simple interface
  • View real time data on a large simulated instrument display
  • Data input rate of up to 50 Hz*
    Computer Requirements
    - Windows 2000 or later operating system
    - At least 150 MB of free hard disk space
    - Minimum display resolution of 1024 x 768
* Maximum data input rate depends on the equipment used. A PC running Microsoft® Windows XP or later operating system with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 minimum is required to run MESURgauge software. An RS-232C serial port or USB port (“COM” Port) is required to communicate with an instrument. A second COM port is needed to communicate with a digital travel display. If USB communication is required, be sure to install the appropriate USB driver. A USB driver is included with Mark-10 instruments as well as the RSU100 RS-232 to USB adapter

Download MESUR™gauge DEMO

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