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SHIMPO INSTRUMENTS manufactures speed, force and torque testing and inspection instrumentation for laboratory research, quality control and process control applications in a wide range of industries including printing, medical, pharmaceutical, textile, automation and countless more. SHIMPO INSTRUMENTS is recognized worldwide for our exceptional value, superior quality and sophisticated engineering.

Buy your NEW Shimpo Force Gauge in Canada from us!

You are ready to buy your new Shimpo instrument in Canada. Most sellers often forget that they have to say their prices are without custom duties or import fees. With us, even if you choose a dial Shimpo force gage or digital one, no custom duties or import fees will be applied to your order. Does that sound good to you?

Calibrate your Shimpo Force Gage

If you have purchased a new Shimpo force gage or already have one, our metrology laboratory located in Brampton, Great Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada provides ISO 17025 accredited calibration services on major Shimpo force instruments and sensors.

My Shimpo Force Gage needs repair

If your force gage requires repair, our qualified technicians provide professional repair services for Shimpo force gauges or sensors and have the latest equipment to help diagnose and resolve common problems. Ask a sales representative for a complete listing of all services offered. – A Complete Product Line

To buy any Shimpo instrument in Canada, you can use our enhanced and up to date website, the Canadian online source dedicated to selling Shimpo Instruments from our Brampton (Toronto area) warehouse. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us with your request.

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