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Our digital force gauges provide affordable, convenient solutions for simple force measurement applications.

Measuring force is very easy
Designed to be the perfect tool for measuring force, our digital force gauges have clever features which allow users to get accurate and fast results.  If you choose to operate with a test stand, our Chatillon Force Gauges as well as Shimpo Digital Force Gauges  and Mark-10 Digital Force Gages  are compatible with a wide range of motorized or manual force measurement and torque measurement test stands.

Did you know?
With The SHIMANA High Accuracy Digital Force Gauge (push & pull), it's easy to do force measurements with a good ±0.5% resolution.  This pull force tool produces accurate results under a wide range of test conditions.
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Shimana, a registered trademark of Digital Measurement Metrology, Inc. combines state-of-the-art features and innovative technology to satisfy the customers with quality products and reasonable prices.

The Founder is the technical Director of a well-established Accredited Calibration and Inspection Laboratory for more than 27 years, a certified internal auditor for the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 calibration standards, metrology trainer in dimensional, optical, force, torque, laser, vision, and other technical parameters.
Since 2006 when Shimana was established, its innovative instruments offering growing rapidly and proved to be a certified line of economical, precision measuring instruments developed to compete with traditional products intending to meet customer’s specifications and budget.  Products range from portable handheld instruments to complex Vision, optical, Dimensional, laser, Mass, force, torque, Material Testing, Temperature, pressure, Flow, Speed, Hardness and high precision calibration and test equipment is available online at

Buy, calibrate and repair a Shimana Force Gage in Canada with us!

Shimana Force Gages are available for sale in Canada at competitive prices right from our Toronto (GTA) warehouse. In an effort to offer authentic product quality and service, the SHIMANA products can be supplied with an OPTIONAL certificate of calibration performed by a 17025:2005 Accredited laboratory. Our highly trained technicians can accomplish certain types of mechanical instrument repair, Shimana calibration services and adjustment.

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PC Output: Yes
Accuracy: 0.5
Load cell: Integral
Data memory: Yes
Gage Capacity: 10 N
Resolution: 0.05%
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