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Our digital force gauges provide affordable, convenient solutions for simple force measurement applications.

Measuring force is very easy
Designed to be the perfect tool for measuring force, our digital force gauges have clever features which allow users to get accurate and fast results.  If you choose to operate with a test stand, our Chatillon Force Gauges as well as Shimpo Digital Force Gauges  and Mark-10 Digital Force Gages  are compatible with a wide range of motorized or manual force measurement and torque measurement test stands.

Did you know?
With The SHIMANA High Accuracy Digital Force Gauge (push & pull), it's easy to do force measurements with a good ±0.5% resolution.  This pull force tool produces accurate results under a wide range of test conditions.
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Founded in 1979 as an engineering consultancy, and branching out into contract manufacturing in the 1980s, Mark-10 has focused on better engineering and technical expertise from our very beginning. Having acquired years of expertise in force measurement, Mark-10 developed the first force gauge in 1990.

Mark-10 force gauges are conceived, engineered, prototyped, and produced within the walls of our fully integrated Copiague, NY facility. Since 1979, Mark-10 ‘s force gauges, torque gauges, and tension and compression measurement solutions have helped professionals in virtually every industry assess and ensure quality. Utilizing the latest in CAD technology, CNC machining, and a talented team of technicians and assemblers, all manufacturing is done in-house.

Buy, calibrate and repair a Mark-10 Force Gage in Canada with us!

In Canada, we sell Mark-10 instruments via our website All orders are shipped right away from our warehouse located in Brampton, Ontario. If you are looking to purchase your digital Mark-10 force gage from us, we are ready to shipped to your address or, as your choice, you can pick up at our office located in Toronto (GTA), For all Mark-10 instruments no custom duties or import fees will be applied to your order.

Our fully equipped ISO 17025/NIST Traceable Calibration Laboratory is capable of providing quick turnaround traceable verification and force calibration services for Mark-10 instruments to ISO 17025 standard or NIST traceable.

To keep your Mark-10 instruments working in good condition, our Mark-10 repair services fully cover the new and highly featured Mark-10 instruments as well as obsolete ones too. Beyond the initial repair, please ask one of our highly qualified technicians about what services can be provided for your Mark-10 gage.

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PC Output: No
Accuracy: 0.5
Load cell: Integral
Data memory: No
Gage Capacity: 200 lbf
Resolution: 0.1%
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