Hydraulic Gauges

The Hydraulic Force Gauges are a low cost solution for obtaining general force measurements. With a wide range of styles and sizes, these gauges are popular in many industries such aviation, heavy industrial paper textile mills,  monitor drill/ milling machine loads, particularly for use in hazardous environments. The hydraulic gauges can be used for continuous loading, occasional force checks or permanent installation.
Hydraulic Force Gauges have proven their reliability through; simplicity (reduced opportunity for failures), ruggedness, including years of perfecting and fine tuning, a closed circuit Hydraulic Force Gauge.
Durint the time, this is a small measuring instrument used across all industries to measure the force during a push or pull test by the principles of hydraulic force transmission.

Hydraulic Force Gauges: features

  • Low Profile & Versatile.
  • Excellent readability.
  • Suitable for continuous load measurements.
  • Made out of Stainless Steel and hermetically sealed into a closed circuit filled with hydraulic oil.

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