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Product SKU : MSE100-M

100 lbf Mechanical Strength Evaluator

The MSE100 ergonomic gauge is a simple-to-use, ergonomically designed mechanical instrument ideal for muscle strength evaluations and job task analysis.
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Accredited ISO 17025 calibration certificate for these MSE100-M 100 lbf Mechanical Strength Evaluator force tools is be available on request (for an extra charge). Why Calibrate?


The Chatillon MSE100 Series mechanical dynamometer is ideal for ergonomic evaluations, job task analysis, functional capacity, and muscle strength analysis.

Simplicity was a key design criteria for both clinicians and technicians. The dynamometer features a large, 2.25-inch dial for easy readability. The concentric dial measures clockwise only. A peak hold button captures peak readings and can quickly be returned to zero. The dynamometer has an accuracy of +0.5% of full scale, and a mechanical overload feature to protect the dynamometer from damage.

The durable, plastic housing fits naturally in the hand for a comfortable and firm grip even at maximum loads. The dynamometer may be mounted to a test stand for even greater control and consistent results in repetitive testing applications. Dial rotates 360 degrees for taring.

MSE100 Series Key Features:

  • Operating Modes
    - Normal
    - Peak Strength
  • Accuracy +0.5% Full Scale
  • Large readable dial
  • Peak load switch
  • Selectable units of measurement (lbf, kgf and Newtons)
  • Wide selection of ergonomic fixtures
  • Standard Accessories
    - Carrying Case
    - Handle Assembly
  • Optional Accessories
    - FCEK Functional Capacity Kit
  • 2 Year Warranty

Chatillon MSE100 is supplied with Handle Assembly and Carrying Case. Order fixtures separately.



Part No.


Carrying Case   NC002753 Standard
Handle Assembly   SPK-FMG-HANDLE Standard
Handles, 4-inch length   13406 Standard
Hook, Stationary 100 lbf (500 N) SPK-FMG-012B Optional
Flat 100 lbf (500 N) SPK-FMG-011A Optional
Hook, Swivel 100 lbf (500 N) ML3850 Optional
Chisel Point 100 lbf (500 N) SPK-FMG-008A Optional
Point 100 lbf (500 N) SPK-FMG-009A Optional
Notch 100 lbf (500 N) SPK-FMG-010A Optional
Adapter, #10-32 to 5/16-18   P-10020 Optional
Optional FCEK Capacity Evaluation Kit & Accessories
You may order the entire kit or an individual component
Soft Case   NC002845 Optional
Hook, Clasp 250 lbf NC002500 Optional
Adapter, Flat disc 1/2” 250 lbf SPK-FMG-143 Optional
Adapter, Curve Fixture 250 lbf SPK-FMG-142 Optional
Adapter, V-Notch 1” 500 lbf NC000725 Optional
Pistol Grip Assembly   SPK-FMG-141 Optional
Grasping Cable 500 lbf NC002844 Optional
Extension Rod, 6-inch (152mm)   SPK-FMG-013C Optional
Knurled Nut, 5/16-18   NC000857 Optional

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